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Privacy Statement's aim is to provide instructions and aid on how to teach fiction to students in a fun and enjoyable way and to promote reading among children. We've tried to make getting around the site as easy as possible. respects the privacy of its visitors. There is no registration required to use our site and Meadowbrook Press does not keep track of individual users on our site.

The only time anyone will be asked to provide a name and email address is on the Giggle Poetry web site (which is linked to if someone wants to enter one of our poetry contest. These contests are free and voluntary; the prizes awards by Meadowbrook Press are totally paid for by us. There will never be a fee for any student participating in our contests, whether or not they win a prize. The only reason contest participants must provide their name and e-mail address is for winner notification. In addition, anyone who wins a contest will have their name, grade, and poem posted on our web site. Meadowbrook Press will never sell the information provided to enter these contests nor give it to any third party.

No other feature on requires the use of personal information, although people may voluntarily send comments to us via email through the contact us page. This information will be used by only for the development and improvement of the site and will never be sold.

There is currently no advertising in the web site except for books published by Meadowbrook Press. However, it is our intention to adhere to the Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Advertising of the Children's Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau. While and Giggle Poetry does not currently link to other sites on the Internet (except for sites managed by Meadowbrook Press), which may or may not require registration, we may do so in the future. If so, we will do our best to ensure that all the sites linked to from our web site are student-friendly, but content on the Internet changes minute by minute, so we can't guarantee the content of every site. You can also protect your family from unwanted content and intrusion by obtaining content-blocking software such as CyberSitter.

Teachers of younger children who use the Giggle Poetry site may want to first explore the site with their students to help orient them. In addition, teachers should always advise their students to get their parents' permission before submitting any information over the Web.